YouTube Vanced (MOD, Remove AD/BG Play)

Suppose you have used Youtube as an indispensable tool. In that case, you use it every day to watch videos, listen to music or upload videos, then surely you already know Youtube Vanced – a version of Youtube with a blocking advertisement. This version has brought a lot of satisfaction for users, is the optimal choice for many people. In order to further improve, as well as to meet the increasing needs of users, a newer version was born. That version of Youtube Vanced (Version 2), on the basis of the content of the previous version, enhanced many other useful features. This means that you will have one more choice to experience the best of what Youtube brings. Let’s find out what’s new with this version!

New Features

After being announced, version 2 has attracted a lot of users. Because this new update has many more optimal features, firstly, it fixes settings on devices running Android 5 and 6. Secondly, it improves Vanced Youtube boot time, Youtube Music, and improves performance. Third, the update has a new look, beautiful and suitable for many people’s aesthetic point of view.

The app allows you to force HDR playback or turn off 60 fps if you like the cinematic experience by recording the Codec options. You can change the default playback speed between 0.25x and 2x, depending on your needs and listening ability. For any device, this version is capable of sharp 4k playback because of its high resolution. The app also allows you to convert ads, Community tab posts, and movie sales. The banner information is compact but very vivid. If you don’t like the comments or comments, you can also delete them to avoid inconvenience.

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Some Highlights

In addition to the previous version’s points, this version 2 has other features, which increase the smoothness when running the application. The version creates color options to reduce eye strain and battery life for the user. Both versions’ unique feature is ad blocking when watching videos, but version 2 adds a feature that allows you to play video in the background or picture in picture (for Android on 8.0). Besides, you can control brightness and volume through swipe control.

The version also offers an auto-repeat feature, allowing you to play a song or watch TikTok repeat videos. This also facilitates users if you like to watch a video until you get bored. This feature saves you from having to manipulate to choose again.

Mod Features

  • Based on Latest Release By Vanced Devs
  • SAP Apk (No Need of SAI or Vanced Manager)
  • App Icon Restored to Original YT App
  • App Name Restored to Youtube
  • App Opening Splash Animation Restored to Original YT App
  • HomePage Header Logo Changed to YT Premium
  • Maximum Ads Links Removed/Nullified From Java Classes
  • Google Play Services Check Verification Disabled
  • Mod Lite (30-34 MB, Org Sizes- En Only,35-39 MB, ML- 44-48 MB, ML Uni- 75 MB)

How to Login to Google Account? (Important)

  • First Download Youtube Vanced and MicroG From below link
  • Now Install both apk files
  • After Installing Open Vanced Youtube and Enjoy

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