SoundHound – Music Discovery & Lyrics (Ad-Free, Paid) v9.5.2.2


What is SoundHound?

Music is one of the entertainment forms that many people choose to use every time they want to relax. Not only is it popular at present, but music has also become one of the most popular forms in the past. For prehistoric people, music was their choice to use for increasing the fun of every party. But compared to the past, music has become something much more popular nowadays, especially after mobile devices were launched for users to use. Now anyone can listen to music by using their mobile device to download music. But a good song always needs a good music player to be able to show what the song has.
This is a problem that many people encounter; they do not know what an application is good enough to be able to listen to the best music. The answer to the question that many people wonder is SoundHound – a very famous music player. This app gives users lots of great musical experiences for you to enjoy.

Why to Use SoundHound?

To use this application, the user needs to perform some simple actions following. First, the user needs to download the app for it to be installed on the user’s device. Next, the user needs to start the application for the first time so that it can complete what it needs and start working. The app will ask the user permission to grant it some permissions to work correctly. Users do not need to worry about being compromised when giving the application these permissions because the only thing that is required is access to memory. But not for anything else, this app accesses memory so it can store songs or updates. The last step that users need to do is to find their favorite song and start listening. That’s what users need to do to be able to enjoy the best music.


  • Simple to discover music playing around you
  • Connect to online music services
  • Create your playlist
  • Automatic song search
When are you walking around when he accidentally hears a great song, but without knowing the name of the song, what would you do? Users just need to launch the application, which will help you find that song easily. The app features a song listener and offers possible song names for users to search easily. Almost all applications are correct in many cases so that users can find the name of the song. The app will record and access the app’s music store, and it will find the songs users need quickly. Users do not have to spend much effort to search, just turn on the application, and all let it work on its own.

MOD Features:

  • No active trackers;
  • Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
  • Analytics / Crashlytics / Localytics disabled.
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