Pixiv v6.23.1(MOD, Premium)

 Reading stories is no longer popular the day before because people have too many information – entertainment channels to replace. If you have a lot of free time, you can watch top-rated TV Series and popular genres on different media. If you have less free time, you can use YouTube as a close friend in any case. However, there is a feature that people can never make comics go away. It is the draft of all the animated movies, movies adapted or even games. Thanks to this feature, many enthusiastic fans still come to comic pages to know the most basic and essential content. If what you watch on the movie has been trimmed to make sure it is sufficiently short and enough to get the producers’ revenue, then the comic pages will fully show everything. The meaning you need to know and want to know in a certain story.

App Name StoryArt Mod Apk
Latest Version 6.23.1
Genre Tools
App Size 18Mb
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A Japanese online community for artists

Pixiv is an application that is recommended by many people for reading stories at the present time. Nearly longtime fans say that this is one of the most used sites in the process of tracking their favorite content. It seems to be full of everything a comics lover needs during their leisure hours. “pixiv” has become so accessible and handy that it has become one of the suggested Editor apps for users on Google Play. In addition, this application has also achieved 4.3 / 5 stars based on 150,000 surveys. Just this indicator is enough to see its utility and the credibility of its users for this product.

The first thing we need to mention when using this application is the fact that it is a hugely successful design of user interaction. Even if you are the first to use it, you can easily manipulate everything to find the series you like. When you need to search for something, just type in the search field to see the content you need. Furthermore, all the features you need to control this application are pushed into a list placed on the left side of the screen, which is quite easy to manipulate. You can do many things, things and keep track of all the activities in “pixiv” in just one place.

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Over 20 million members, over 43 million submissions

In the latest version, we will have a lot of highly appreciated updates thanks to the utility that it brings. First, the combination of the two categories that people pay the most attention to is Rating and Bookmarking. According to the logic of the developer, these two specializations are said to be something that one feels is good and often accesses it. Lately, if it’s separated, it’s quite inconvenient for people who like to read stories. People hated these two elements into an item called “Like!” Their everything you love is gathered in one place when you need it, just access it and get everything out. Bookmarks are renamed to “collection” and users can freely exploit the content that they have saved. You can even take it and share it with others. The application’s homepage has now been upgraded to a higher level, making it more logical for users to interact with the data you use. First, it will show the top-ranked works and the recommendations given for your interests. Of course, the data will be taken in the works that she still follows regularly with the author to follow.

“pixiv” currently has more than 40 million users in use, and this number is continuously increasing to prove the quality it serves them. When they come to this application, it will provide everything the utility you can get is the same as on the web version. But you can be afraid of things more efficiently and watch them under a professional performance. Images will not be blocked by advertisements and nonsense features to narrow the area.

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The images illustrate the world’s most famous anime and anime series that are proposed on its server every day. You have two ways to see the latest work is to put them in your bookmarks and wait for recommendations or find a way to Follow the artists who create the task that suits their style. Besides, users can freely read manga everywhere at all times, the novel is also especially paid attention and updated as soon as possible.


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