MDGram Telegram Messenger Mod (Official, Latest) Download

MDGram Telegram MOD

MDGram is an unofficial messaging app that uses Telegram’s API. with amazing features which the original telegram doesn’t have. I personally use this app and I recommend you also to use this app if you are searching for Telegram Modified Versions. Its UI is Really Amazing.

App Name MDGram Telegram Messenger
Latest Version3.0
Genre Social
App Size35MB
Get it On Google Play

What is MDGram?

MDGram is an advanced and modified form of the Telegram application. And it is much better than the Telegram app. Generally, MDGram is just like a Telegram application but It has cool features and a unique and attractive design so that most people use MDGram. And some other people don’t know what is MDGram?

As we say that MDGram is a customized design of Telegram. And it’s not designing or develop officially but also a group of developers made this app with great design and attractive look. And telegram app is on the Google play store but MDGram is not available on the Google play store and that is the main reason why most people didn’t use the MDGram application.

Difference between Telegram and MDGram app

If we talk about the Telegram application then it is available on the Google play store and it has a basic design and those designs are not attractive. But in the MDGram application, all the features will same as telegram but the most attractive thing is the design and UI of this application.

In the Telegram application, all charts and group background designs are simple, and we also customize those in the Telegram setting but in the MD Gram application, we see the very simple and single color design but those designs are too unique and attractive.
And the other difference is both Telegram and MD Gram application has a different logo but all the features of this 2 application are same. People only use the MDGram application for its unique design.

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And we see some different changes between Telegram and MDGram applications that whenever we open the telegram application then we see the search icon on the top right corner of the application and when we open the menu then we see the dark mode icon on the top of the menu. But in MD Gram we see both search and dark mode icons on the top right corner. Also, MDGram has the most attractive and unique icons and designs but telegram has all the same icons but those icons are too simple.

How to download and register the MDGram app?

If a person wants to download MD Gram then he or she searches for this application on Google to download MD Gram because it is not available on The Google Play Store. And after download MD Gram we can register or log in to our telegram in MD Gram, just simple enter our mobile number which we used to create a Telegram account, and complete the login process by entering a One-time password. And remember that the one-time password will receive in the Telegram account. We can also create a new account in the MD Gram application.

Why use the MDGram app?

Both Telegram and MD Gram applications are the same then why do we use MD Gram? We only use the MD Gram application because of its unique and attractive design. And many people think that the MD Gram application is not on the Google play store so is it safe or not?
And the answer is Yes! The MD Gram application is safe and secure like a telegram application. But the most important thing is this is not available in any store so that people may not trust that but on the other hand, the MD Gram application has a more attractive and unique look, and everyone wants to try new things and MD Gram is one of the best option and alternative way of telegram.

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Features of MDGram application

There are a lot of unique features of the MD Gram application and after open this application we have to log in or register in this app. And there is almost the same process of login and register just like the Telegram application.

#Feature 1

After we open the MD Gram application we see the very attractive and unique design and its different completely different from the Telegram application. There are also all the same features of the telegram app but some of them are in different positions. Also, MD Gram developers try to give a unique design of each icon so that it’s completely different from the Telegram app.

#Feature 2

MD Gram application has a separate setting in the app, in this application and this setting we can change the API of our Profile and we can also change the conversation group and charts.

#Feature 3

We can also change or set the custom logo in the MD Gram application. And to set the custom logo we have to go to the setting and then click the MD Gram setting after that click on the other mods option and here we can set the custom emoji or icon by clicking the first option.

Other features

MD Gram has some other features as we can now check-update and download the latest version when the new version will come. Also, we can manage the notification and sounds and edit our profile like hiding phone numbers set two-factor authentication, etc. So download this MD Gram application and enjoy the attractive feature and design. Also, we can communicate with developers to the help section. You can also forward messages without tag.

Note : App May have some bugs , Please Report it to devs If found.

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