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Forest v4.67.1 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Can't stop checking your phone? It's time to take back control and unleash your productivity with Forest, the revolutionary timer app that eliminates distractions and rebuilds your attention span in the easiest way!
App NameForest: Stay focused
Latest Versionv4.67.1
MOD InfoPremium MOD
Get it OnGoogle Play

Forest is a focus-improvement application entirely famous for users and across many countries with many motivating methods. You should be able to adjust your focus time on your own and gradually lengthen it so you can get more done. At the same time, the application can be suitable to combine with the Pomodoro method and will have many achievements for users to strive for. Of course, there will always be rewards and a forest waiting for you to grow new plants.


There are many ways to increase your productivity, and Forest is one of the right tools you cannot ignore. Its feature is straightforward in that it helps you focus on your work with a countdown tool. At the same time, you will feel the urge to use the application to avoid being labeled by other entertainment applications. Of course, it’s up to you to decide what time to focus on and what’s right for you to maintain it in the long run.


You can find the tree interface in the middle and a circle around it when entering the Forest, and you can swipe the edge of the circle to increase the time to focus on work and study. At the same time, this is also a convenient feature for you to perform the Pomodoro method to help you increase your concentration. With this method, you need to do a period and then break to continue another period. It helps you stay focused for long periods, and it usually takes 25 minutes.


In Forest, users will choose the corresponding focus mode to avoid activities such as leaving the application and watching programs on other platforms. Specifically, one of these modes is the result if you leave the tree you are growing. The period you choose to focus on with the app is when a tree is planted and growing. So if you take a break from focusing and get distracted by other apps, the tree will wither, and this mode needs to be turned on.


You will have yourself a tree and put it on a large piece of land so, corresponding to your one-time concentration, the land will be covered with different types of trees. So you will be delighted and have the desire to continue this focused work. In addition, you should also set appropriate goals to maintain this positive habit and achieve rewards in the achievements section. You can unlock many other types of trees and diversify your forest.


The soundtrack learning feature of Forest is a fascinating thing and is chosen by many people. You’ll need to choose soothing music to help you concentrate, but most songs are locked, and you’ll spend time continuing to unlock different songs. So plants or soundtracks are all found in a shop where you will need a certain amount of coins to open them, and of course, they are beneficial for your concentration process.


When you use the application to study and work for a long time, you will not be able to skip gathering data through charts. The fact that you look at the graph helps you know how stable you use the app to focus. If the process can be maintained at a steady rate, you can increase the working time by 5 to 10 minutes. Over time, your concentration will improve as you focus for short to long periods.

Features of Forest :-

  • Break phone addiction and form productive habits.
  • Earn rewards by staying focused and unlock adorable trees!
  • Grow your very own forest with each tree representing your efforts.
  • View your daily/weekly/monthly/yearly progress and learn about your own focus habits.
  • Concentrate on a daily routine and manage ADHD.
  • Plant real trees on Earth with our partner, Trees for the Future.
  • Set up a customized whitelist – Leaving Forest and using apps added to the whitelist will not kill your tree.
  • Categorize your tasks with tags and see how you allocated your time.
  • Track your phone usage and screen time.
  • Compete with users around the world.
  • Plant with friends – If one of you fail to stay focused, you’ll all get a dead tree
  • Forest: Focus for Productivity Screenshot
  • Forest: Focus for Productivity Screenshot
  • Forest: Focus for Productivity Screenshot
  • Forest: Focus for Productivity Screenshot
  • Forest: Focus for Productivity Screenshot
  • Forest: Focus for Productivity Screenshot
  • Forest: Focus for Productivity Screenshot

Mod Features:

  • Premium Unlocked.
  • Everthing in shop Unlocked.
  • All Ads Removed.
  • 100% Working.
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Installation Instruction:

  1. Download app from the link given above {Important}
  2. Go to Settings on your Android device. {If your have “Install from unknown sources” settings enabled, skip to step 6}
  3. Here click on the option named Security.
  4. Here, under Device administrator look for Unknown Sources.
  5. Turn ON the Install from Unkown Sources.
  6. Then install the apk.
  7. That’s it! Enjoy.
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