Find My Kids (MOD, Premium)

 When the development of the world change to a new level, everyone’s lifestyle will change as well, especially parents or teachers, they always want children to live in a healthy and safe environment in any era. However, children will be aware of the world in their development. And of course, one day they’ll get to know the phone and want their parents to buy one. For parents, the phone is like a double-edged sword. It can harm a child’s way of thinking or a toy to help them relax. The phone has a lot of uses for a family as well as the most suitable tool to track a family member.

Child Cell Phone Location Tracker

If you are a person who wants to protect and monitor children anytime, anywhere, I will introduce you to the Find My Kids application with smart tracking capabilities. If your children all own a smartphone, installing this application on their phones is a must. The application will help parents keep track of their children anytime, anywhere, and always protect them from the dark things on the Internet. The app is completely free, and it uses a family system to help parents manage their children safely.



After installing this application on your device, activate and create a link so the remaining members can connect with you. You will then decide on the roles of each member to determine each person’s benefits. For parents, they will have full control of their children’s devices and can monitor them anytime, anywhere. For children, they can’t delete or access apps to change settings, so they can only obey and will always be supervised by parents.

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After users install the application, the GPS will operate immediately and can be maintained for long periods. Now you will know where your family members are going and where they went through the navigation system. At the same time, these members who go through a location will automatically be saved in Tracking Logs to help parents capture the movement of their children.


Ambient sound

It is a feature to help parents capture the child’s surroundings. Upon activation, the child’s device will be forced to turn on the microphone and transmit everything to parents. That is a very convenient feature to help parents easily monitor children and know the environment surrounding them.


Loud volume signal

Children often forget their device in backpacks or are in silence so they cannot receive any incoming calls. However, when parents installed this application, they can disrupt that silence state and emit signals high enough for the child to notice and immediately answer the call. However, as a parent, you should not use the feature carelessly because it can affect a child’s learning. Instead, you should confirm their surroundings through Ambient Sound and then make a decision.


Device control

It is a feature that helps parents to control children’s phones. Sometimes they are very curious and will visit some websites with inappropriate content and thereby change their way of thinking. However, with this feature, users can block children’s access or control their usage time. At the same time, the player can lock access to other applications or games so that the child is not distracted during learning. Find My Kids is a trusted app for many parents and always appreciated for their capabilities. If you are a parent who wants your child to develop in the best environment, this app will be a perfect choice.

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