Dairo Premium Apk v3.90.6(Latest, Unlocked)

 Diary is the book where you record dreams, desires, daily activities, and experiences in life. However, with the development of technology, writing on paper does not seem highly secure. Instead, electronic journaling is used more with high security, and users can record any idea at any time. The following article will introduce you to a great application called Diaro, and this is a designed diary with unique organized features. It has a great user interface that allows you to write and record everything from life moments to your private secrets or creative ideas.

What is Dairo ?

Diaro is a pharmacy application that millions of people around the world trust because of its convenience. This is the smartest, safest, and most intuitive application. It allows you to cross-platform journaling, note-taking, and mood tracking designed to document your activities, events, experiences, ideas, feelings, and private secrets. It is effortless to use and is a free application that you can use as a regular diary to take notes.

Why use Dairo ?

It helps you organise your daily journal entries, notes from the past in the easiest way. Preserve your special memories, store personal moments & memories or keep track of your life with help of Diaro.
his application can synchronize data across all your devices and computers, helping you organize daily diary entries, receipts, invoices, or notes from the past easily. Moreover, it helps you preserve special memories, stored experience or track homework, work plan as a simple notebook. This app will help with the beautiful diary page and keep privacy with features unlocked by fingerprint.

Features of Dairo:

  • SECURE & PRIVATE :- Lock & Protect your private diary entries with a PIN, Security code or fingerprint. Protect Privacy with data encryption & passcode
  • THEMES & LANGUAGES :- Personalize UI with different UI colors & Themes. Multilingual UI(35+ languages), adapted for phones, tablets & web. Simple & intuitive interface for your diary
  • SEARCH & ORGANIZE :- Powerful search & filter functions. Organize diary/ journal entries using folders, tags, locations & find records by keyword, filter them by date, tags, folder or even location
  • MOOD TRACKER, ATLAS & THROWBACK :- Daily Diary Mood tracker, On this day diary memories/ daily diary throwback, Weather info & beautiful Atlas view
  • BACKUP & RESTORE :- Backup diary entries for easy recovery & restore easily
  • IMPORT & EXPORT :-Export to PDF, Docx or Txt & print or share them via Diaro Android or Diaro Online (PDF, DOCX, CSV & TXT).
  • Sync your diary across all your Devices & Diaro Online using Dropbox (Premium)
  • Export to PDF & other formats (Premium)
  • Ad-Free Experience (Premium)
  • Priority Customer Support (Premium)
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