Candy Crush Saga v1.197.0.1(MOD, Moves/Lives/All Level)

 Usually, you will think of puzzle games, thrilling storyline, and high logic to be attractive, giving players new experiences. There is no fancy and complicated gameplay like Monument Valley 2 or an exciting story like Limbo. Candy Crush Saga has affirmed its position in the puzzle genre with straightforward and addictive gameplay right from the very first. Up to now, this game has more than 500 million downloads on smart devices and becomes the free game with the most downloads on every app market. Right after, we will show how to play Candy Crush Saga!


The best match-3 game on mobile

Candy Crush Saga is a match-3 puzzle game, with gameplay similar to Bejeweled diamond. But why Candy Crush Saga received such a strong reception from gamers? Probably because of the shape and color of the candies, giving the player more sweet feelings. At the same time is a system of diverse tasks, creating an attraction for players.

After many times of updating and expanding features, the game has now reached thousands of levels, corresponding to many various challenges, which you need to overcome. In each stage, you will have to put at least three candies of the same color in a line to make them disappear, giving way to new candies that appear; and then score. At the same time, you must complete some other requirements, which are considered challenges that the game set out. For example: collect 20 red candies, 30 green candies or gain 10000 points and collect 20 yellow candies.

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Thousands of levels from easy to difficult

Depending on the level, the challenge will be difficult at significant levels — the moment when you first play, mostly easy gameplay and the system will guide you to get used to the gameplay, as well as how to perform the task. But when you have a higher level, the difficulty will be pushed up, you will face more difficult challenges, and have more new experiences. Moreover, for each game screen, you are only given a certain number of turns. When the number of turns ran out, but the game has not been completed, you will lose the game actually, and you need to try again in that stage from the beginning.


Play with friends, compare achievements

Some levels have to be played several times before, but there are also some levels where you only need to play a few turns to pass. This is quite useful, making you feel more motivated and not feeling boring. However, I can also give you a few tips to help you play better in Candy Crush Saga. Before using the turn, pay attention to the surrounding candies clearly, and move the positions of the candies, so that many of the same colored candies are lined up, forming L or T. At that time, the Special candies will appear and give the player a chance to breakthrough. And they are capable of destroying a lot of candy around. If you sometimes find it difficult, you can also use the other help the game provides.

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Bright 3D graphics, fun music

Candy Crush Saga does not have realistic 3D scenes like role-playing games, or fascinating Anime characters but stand out by the cuteness and sweetness of the candy. Besides, lighting effects play an essential role to make things shine up. Every time the candies disappear, they will explode, and leave beautiful rays of light. This will be more eye-catching when you destroy many candies at the same time. In addition, the interface of the game is also designed neatly, simply and decorated with colorful decorations. Overall, Candy Crush Saga is not picky, graphics and gameplay, but it gives an incredible attraction. You will regret it if you skip this game!


MOD Features:

  • All Episodes/Levels Unlocked
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